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“Xin” literally translated as ‘freshness’, Xin offers the freshest seafood on display for your selection and an enticing a la carte menu.  

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The Fragrance of Rice Dumplings

With Dragon Boat Festival comes the delicious tradition of seasonal rice dumplings, and Sheraton Grand Macao has the perfect set to get your taste buds cheering. Packed full of luxurious ingredients like abalone, dried scallops, Yunnan ham, barbecued duck, chestnuts and more, the abalone rice dumpling is perfectly paired with Sheraton Grand Macao’s famous XO sauce and TeaWG Moments tea. Follow it with our traditional salty pork rice dumplings, or a classic sweet lotus seed paste rice dumpling.

Time: From now until May 30, 2017


  • Premium abalone rice dumpling gift set: HKD/MOP1,188
    Two pieces of abalone rice dumplings, Sheraton XO Sauce, TeaWG tea
  • Premium abalone rice dumpling: HKD/MOP258
  • Traditional salty pork rice dumpling: HKD/MOP168
  • Red bean paste rice dumpling: HKD/MOP98

Add-ons: Sheraton XO sauce: HKD/MOP128 | TeaWG Tea: HKD/MOP358

Indochine Delicacies Hotpot Buffet

Xin introduces the flavors of Indochine throughout the month of May with authentic delicacies from the region. Highlights include popular Vietnamese soup bases, street food favourites with touches of the area’s French influence.

Special offer on Pol Roger Champagne
HKD/MOP 688+ per bottle

Lunch Buffet
HKD/MOP248+ per adult | HKD/MOP100+ per child*

Dinner Buffet
HKD/MOP398+ per adult (Sunday to Thursday)
HKD/MOP438+ per adult (Friday & Saturday)
HKD/MOP200+ per child*

*Child between ages 6 to 12. Free of charge for children aged 5 and below

The 5 Star Hotpot

Xin is Macau’s first 5-star Asian hotpot and seafood restaurant, offering Asian hotpot, fresh-from-the-tank seafood and Asian-inspired dishes.

The concept of Xin, which literally translates to “freshness” was inspired by a vibrant Asian seafood market.  Our philosophy: simplicity, authenticity of flavors, and freshness.

Lunch: Adult HKD/MOP248+ | Children HKD/MOP100+
Dinner: Adult HKD/MOP398+ (Sunday - Thursday) |
            HKD/MOP438+ (Friday - Saturday) |
            Children HKD/MOP200+               

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Seafood Night at Xin

Indulge in Xin’s hotpot soup bases and cook your handpicked ingredients from the sumptuous buffet at the table, including fresh seafood like whole salmon and giant sea grouper, prime quality meats and garden-fresh vegetables, plus the popular steamer pot provided on the side, giving you and your family a new option for seafood enjoyment.


  • Adult HKD/MOP438+ | Child HKD/MOP200+
  • Every Friday & Saturday, 6:00PM – 11:00PM

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All-you-can-eat Dim Sum

Enjoy a relaxing Sunday at Xin with All-you-can-eat Dim Sum, offering a selection of over 70 varieties of delicately handmade dim sum, Asian-inspired delicacies and signature dishes. Includes a buffet of hot dishes with live stations servincg Cheung Fun (steamed rice rolls) and Chinese barbecue. Perfect for a great weekend lunch with family and friends!

    ·  Adults HKD/MOP188+ 
    ·  Children HKD/MOP100+
    ·  Every Saturday & Sunday | 11:30am to 3:00pm

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Discover an innovative take on a vibrant Asian seafood market on the ground floor of the hotel. Reflecting its name, which translates as "freshness," Xin offers just-caught seafood, Asian barbeque, signature Hot Pot cuisine and more.

Gather around the renowned Hot Pot Buffet, offering a range of fresh seafood that comprises many varieties of lobster, oysters, clams, prawns and more. Luxury Hot Pots, like the Luxury Lobster Set or Luxury Kobe Set, are also available. Or select one of the signature Asian Soups, including Vietnamese Prawn Soup and Sichuan Hot and Sour Soup.

Expand the experience with a taste of Asian Barbeque, including specialty beef, lamb, pork and duck. Finish off an unforgettable meal with local desserts, ranging from Mango Pudding with White Chocolate Chantilly and Chinese Olives to Warm Chestnut and Chocolate Soup with Vanilla Ice Cream.